Protest against Shell’s attempts to restart work on the Corrib pipeline


On Tuesday, Shell attempted to restart work on the Corrib gas pipeline and began erecting fences around their proposed tunnelling compound in Aughoose in Co. Mayo. Thankfully, protests organised by local residents and the Rossport Solidarity Camp on Tuesday and Wednesday managed to halt Shell’s work on the site so far.

I fully support the protests organised by local residents in Rossport against Shell’s attempts to restart work on the controversial Corrib pipeline. Shell, backed up the Irish state, has consistently ignored the concerns of local residents in relation to the health and safety of the pipeline which will transport unrefined, raw gas under high pressure through the area.

Shell attempts to restart work on pipeline (Pic: Indymedia)

I’m also deeply concerned by reports that a number of protestors have been badly beaten, including one person who has suspected broken ribs, by members of the Gardaí as well as by members of a private security company employed by Shell, IRM-S.

It is an indictment of the current Fine Gael / Labour Party government that they are allowing Shell to proceed with these works while the lives and livelihoods of the people of Erris are at risk.

This government intends to further savage the living standards of working people, yet they accept a situation where Shell will massively profit from the give-away of our natural resources. The gas and oil in Irish waters must be nationalised and brought into democratic public ownership. The massive wealth of the Corrib gas field and Ireland’s other natural resources should not be used to further increase the profits of billionaire multinationals and instead should be used to provide investment in job creation, healthcare and education.

Days of Action against Shell in Rossport have been called by local residents and Shell to Sea campaigners for this Friday and Saturday. I intend to travel to Rossport this Saturday with many other Socialist Party members to join the protests against Shell and call on everyone else who can to do so too.

Dublin Shell to Sea is hoping to organise transport for those that would like to attend the Days of Action on Friday and Saturday. If you’re interested call or text 086-7362417 or or email for more information.

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  1. This is a perfect example of the Ireland of today. The people in a struggle for their future while the government lines the pockets of the grossly wealthy few. Another government devoid of morals.
    And they thought they were voting for change . . . . .

    Giv’em hell murph.

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