VIDEOS: Doha Deal, EU Raw Material Strategy and Homelessness


I’ll be speaking in the European Parliament again later on today, on some important issues including Palestine, so i really wanted to get all the videos from the last sitting of the parliament up online before the new ones are added.

In the last plenary session I made five speeches, two of which have already been put up here (on Palestine and Syria). Here are the videos from my other three speeches, on homelessness in Ireland & Europe, the Doha Deal and the EU’s so-called Raw Material Strategy

In terms of the issue of homelessness, in my short speech I attempted to do two main things: on the one hand underline the seriousness of this problem and the failure of the EU to do anything about it, but secondly to also outline how this crisis could actually be solved easily enough if the resources were made available. In terms of the Doha Deal and the Raw Material Stategy, on both I wanted to punch a hole in the attempt by the EU establishment to portray these deals as ‘humanitarian’ and all about ‘development’, and expose the reality that these are all about European big business trying to pursue their own agenda to the detriment of ordinary people and the poor the world over. Both are deals written by and for the elite.

As well as exposing this cozy club, I also used the opportunity to again outline that there is an alternative, that it doesn’t have to be this way, and that what we need is a real coming together of workers and the poor on an international basis to use the resources for the millions, not the millionaires.

So, here are the videos, and there will be more of these over the next days from the current sitting of the parliament.

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