Videos: Bloated E.U expenses while workers laid off


The European Parliament met in Strasbourg this week, I had the chance to speak on a number of issues. Here are the first two speeches I made during the week. The first one is a response to the Commission’s statement on the massive job losses at Arcelor Mittal and Nokia. The second is an explanation of why I opposed the E.U budget for 2012.

Nokia plans to lay off 7,000 workers this year. Meanwhile Arcelor Mittal, the world’s largest steel company, has announced the closure of 2 of its plants in Liege, Belgium with the loss of many jobs. Like multinationals in Ireland such as Aviva Insurance, this company has made super-profits while paying little or no tax and will try to boost these profits at the expense of worker’s jobs across Europe.

This second video explains why I opposed the 2012 E.U budget. The budget does not deal with reality, it ignores the economic crisis affecting the European working class. Instead it pumps money into the further militarisation of Europe and incresed funding for the nuclear research programme. I, along with 39 other MEPs, put forward an amendment that would have seen the slashing of MEP expenses however it was voted down. The huge expenses an MEP can claim, on top of salary, are obscene when compared with the vicious austerity that is affecting millions of workers and unemployed across Europe.

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