VIDEO: Occupy Dame Street Interview


The Occupy Dame Street initiative has been an inspiration coming on the back of the highly significant Occupy Wall Street camp and protests which over the last weeks and spread across the US and the world. Here I post an interview one of my Socialist Party colleagues did with some of the protesters at one of the recent marches.

The camp in Dame Street has met with a very positive response from passers by who obviously identify with the sentiment of the campers. I welcome this protest movement and have participated in it regularly. There are lively and democratic debates about the type of policies needed to respond to the crisis of mass unemployed and cuts in social spending.

There is an understandable hostility among some of the participants to all political parties and to the trade unions. Our members are fraternally pointing out which parties are truly part of the political establishment and we are likewise advocating that those critical of the trade unions differentiate between the leadership and the rank and file who should be made welcome at the camp in the same manner they have been in Wall Street.

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