Press Release: MEP supports workers; Spirit of Scrooge alive and well in EBS management


This is a press release issued in support of workers at EBS who will ballot on strike action against a decision by management to cut their Christmas bonus, which in effect is an essential part of their annual salary. A strike would send a strong signal to bosses around the country that workers are prepared to fight to protect their pay and conditions.

EBS announces plans to cut Christmas pay for staff

• Spirit of scrooge alive and well in EBS management

• A strong ballot for strike would be a blow to management’s plan to impose pay cut

Speaking in response to the announcement by EBS management to cut the Christmas pay of its workers Paul Murphy MEP commented:

“It is clear that the spirit scrooge is alive and well in EBS management. To cancel Christmas pay just days before it was due to be paid is insulting in the extreme and will cause hardship for EBS staff over Christmas.

“This pay is not a bonus, but an essential part of the annual salary, which has been paid for the last 45 years and is depended upon by EBS workers over the Christmas period.

“These workers are not overpaid senior bankers but ordinary low and middle income workers, the vast majority earning no more than €30,000 per year.’

“While making this cruel attack on its workforce the senior management in EBS and in the AIB group still enjoy massive inflated salaries, the EBS chief executive, Fergus Murphy was permitted by the Department of Finance to breach the salary cap for senior bankers due to ‘personal circumstances’, well what about the personal circumstances of EBS staff who now face hardship over Christmas?

“I welcome the strike ballot called by Unite and call on workers in EBS to give a strong vote in favour of action, a strike would be a major blow to the plans of management to enforce this pay cut. It would also send a strong signal that workers are serious about defending their jobs, pay and conditions won over the years.

“In the coming weeks and months ordinary financial workers will come under increased attacks as senior management try to make ordinary staff pay for their Celtic Tiger gambling debts. It is crucial that the unions in this sector organise in a co-ordinated way to defend jobs, pay and conditions in the sector.

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