Press Release: Socialist Party begin campaign for Referendum


Socialist Party begin campaign for a referendum on Austerity Treaty

• Street stall against Austerity Treaty shows demand for referendum

• Treaty will mean further austerity and loss of sovereignty

• Europe for the millions, not the millionaires

The Socialist Party today began its campaign for a referendum on the proposed new EU Treaty. Paul Murphy MEP, along with other party members held a stall outside the E.U Commission office on Dublin’s Dawson Street.

Today, Murphy commented “This treaty, currently called the International Treaty on a Re-enforced Economic Union is a treaty to institutionalise austerity across the European Union. It entails a significant shift of powers on budgets from elected governments across Europe to unelected technocrats and bans governments from running deficit budgets.”

“The Irish government is desperately trying to avoid giving people a say on this Treaty because they are afraid of the verdict that people could pass on such an austerity treaty, given the bitter experience of EU/IMF imposed austerity. With this campaign we hope to build up a campaign of pressure on the government.”

“From talking to the people I met it is obviously that people have heard about this treaty and are worried about what it will entail. People must be given their democratic right to have a vote on this treaty.”

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