‘Yes for Jobs’?


On 18th of April Chambers Ireland called for a ‘Yes’ vote on the upcoming Austerity Treaty referendum. They argued that this would ‘support employment’  and ‘enhance confidence in Ireland’. The Austerity Treaty will do exactly the opposite! It will mean more austerity, a further shrinking of demand and increased job losses.

Chambers Ireland’s statement is similar to the position of the establishment parties during the first Lisbon campaign when the infamous ‘Yes for Jobs’ were plastered across the country. That lie has been exposed with nearly 80,000 jobs having been lost since that referendum.

Chambers Ireland calling for a ‘Yes’ vote in this referendum is the equivalent of turkeys voting for Christmas. Vision-net produced figures in November 2011 which showed that 1,930 private companies had closed that year. This was up 20% on the figures for 2010. This was the result of the failed austerity policies. The most high risk sectors according to the research were hotels, bars, retail and wholesale; in other words those sectors most sensitive to the spending power of low and middle income workers.

Passing this treaty will result in at least another €5.7 billion worth of cuts and tax rises. This will have a devastating effect on demand in the economy. Ireland is the first EU country to have had 6 consecutive years  of shrinking domestic demand.

A ‘Yes’ vote in the referendum will result in more business closures with the resulting job losses.

A ‘No’ vote is needed to strike a blow against the failed policy of austerity. This will be a blow to the government and the European establishment. It will spark a debate across Ireland and Europe about the type of Europe we want. Not a Europe of job losses, attacks on living standards and attacks on working conditions, but a Europe for the millions not the millionaires, one where the vast wealth is used to create jobs and raise living standards.


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