JobBridge being exposed as a scam with every new proposal


The Following is a press release from the scambridge campaign, which struggles against the free labour offered to employers through the jobridge scheme.


·        New measures may see people work for free


·        Requests invitation to ‘stakeholders conference’ from Minister Burton


·        Only 29%, not 52%, gain employment directly through JobBridge


Socialist Party MEP today commented on reports in the Irish Times today about the extension of the JobBridge scheme, which could include the possibility of people working for no pay:


“With every extension of this scheme that is announced, it looks more and more like the scam we said it was. This new proposal will, if it goes ahead, see people working for nothing, in fact, it would probably cost them money to actually work. It highlights again the unfair position which many self-employed people find themselves in and the exploitative nature of this scheme.


“This is nothing but the outright exploitation of the unemployed, who find themselves in that position because of the collapse in private sector investment.


“According to the report the Minister is to hold a ‘stakeholders conference’ on JobBridge next month, I am going to write to the Minister today requesting an invitation so that I can explain the horror stories we have uncovered with and the real facts about JobBridge.


“Far from 52% of people finding employment, the figure is actually much lower, only 29%. The figure which the Minister does not publicise is the 59% drop-out rate from the scheme.


“In recent weeks,, the campaigning website the Socialist Party initiated has begun to hold pickets of businesses which use JobBridge. This campaign will be stepped up, and we intend to hold a protest on Friday 8th of February at the meeting of European Ministers for Employment and Social Affairs at Dublin Castle.”

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