Pro-Choice movement must link up across Europe



  • Mobilise for pro-choice march to EU Health Ministers meeting – 6 pm Monday 4 March at Central Bank
  • Resurgent pro-choice movement in Ireland should link arms with those fighting for right to choose across Europe


“The march called by ‘Action on X’ activists to coincide with the 21st anniversary of the X-case and the visit by EU Health Ministers can play an important role in sustaining pressure on the government to take real action to protect the life and health of women.


“The legislation proposed by the government is likely to be extremely limited, including abortion where a woman’s life is at immediate risk, but possibly narrowing the threat of suicide to only include women who can satisfy a very high burden of proof of suicide ideation. It will still possibly exclude women with fatal foetal conditions. It would definitely exclude victims of rape and incest and women with medical conditions whose health is endangered by pregnancy. It is therefore necessary for a struggle to be waged for legislation to go further including threats to women’s health as grounds for abortion as well as for repeal of the anti-women 8th Amendment and for full abortion rights.


“While there is no doubt that Ireland is in the frontline in the fight for abortion rights, the resurgent pro-choice movement in Ireland should link arms with those fighting the threat to the right to choose across Europe. There has been an increase in incidents in Europe of  anti-choice groups using death threats and arson to prevent women entering clinics and in some countries the vicious program of cuts implemented by Health Minister attending this meeting on Monday prevents many hospitals from performing terminations.”

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