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BAI finds that RTE’s exclusion of poll results for Paul Murphy was unfair


BAI find that RTE’s exclusion of poll results for Paul Murphy and Brid Smith was ‘unfair’, ‘insufficiently transparent’ and ‘contrary to BAI’s Guidelines’ Finding underscores that Left can win third seat in Dublin Paul Murphy MEP, Cllr. Brid Smith and Patricia McKenna all made complaints to the BAI following RTE’s coverage of the Red C opinion poll on the 9 ...

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Eamon Ryan’s brass neck!

Photo of Green TDs, including Eamon Ryan, following their entry into government with Fianna Fáil

It was breath-taking to watch the performance of Green Party Euro candidate Eamon Ryan on TV3’s Tonight with Vincent Browne as he blustered to unwind off the hook that he and Fianna Fail fashioned while in government when they signed the Troika Memorandum providing for the introduction of a water tax. He tried to cover up the Green Party’s role ...

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High Court Injunction is a vicious assault on Right to Strike


The decision of the High Court to grant an injunction to the Dublin Airport Authority and Ryanair against the planned industrial action by trade unionist over the St Patrick’s weekend is an assault on the right to strike. This decision by the High Court is a vicious attack on the right of workers to strike in defence of their pay ...

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Minister Burton to host ‘serfdom seminars’ to promote free labour


Labour Party Minister Joan Burton is planning to host what can only be called serfdom seminars to promote free labour schemes like JobBridge and encourage companies to take advantage of state hand-outs to help drive down wages. Last month the Revenue Commission emailed companies across the country to advertise meetings with the Minister where she will advise them on the ...

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Patients Left Stranded as HSE Cuts Ambulance Service

A patient at St James Hospital, with a degenerative spinal disease and who wears a leg brace due to a badly damaged knee says he has been forced to cancel all his hospital appointments because of a decision by the HSE to cut back on an ambulance service. The ambulance service would usually collect him and other patients and transfer ...

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Were the Gardai Drunk on Shell’s Booze?


The latest allegations, and effective non-denial by the Gardai, about the giving of €35,000 worth of alcohol to Gardai by Shell come as no surprise to those of us who have participated in the protests in Co. Mayo over a long period of time. The Gardai in the area were commonly referred to as ‘Shell’s cops’ and with good reason. ...

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The Article the Sunday Independent Refused to Print

isreal palestine

In the Sunday Independent newspaper on August 4th, Labour Party councillor Richard Humphreys had this article attacking an interview in which I called for a new intifada, similar to the first intifada. I contacted the Sunday Independent, requesting my right to reply through an article of similar length ( approximately 750 words) to Humphreys’. This request was rejected, and instead I ...

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