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Kazakh Press Agency fabricates statements to undermine visit


On 20 July, the Kazakhstan press agency, KazTAG released a statement purporting to quote from Paolo Bartolozzi MEP, the Chair of the Central Asia European Parliamentary Delegation. He was quoted as saying that my visit to Kazakhstan was a “private” visit and that it was not an official delegation from the European United Left / Nordic Green Left parliamentary group. ...

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Protest Letters needed in solidarity with striking workers in Kazakhstan

Natalia Sokolova, the workers' lawyer, is currently being charged with "fermenting social conflict" and faces over 10 years in prison

As I’ve posted about over the past few days, an enormous strike of workers is currently taking place in west Kazakhstan. The strikers are facing severe repression from the state and require as much international solidarity and pressure as possible. Below is a copy of a model protest letter that I mentioned yesterday. Protest etters can be sent to ...

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Press Release: International solidarity need for Kazakhstan

As I mentioned yesterday, I have spent the past week in Kazakhstan meeting up with NGOs, community activists and striking workers. It was an incredible trip and the scale of the strike wave is unbelievable and is having an enormous impact throughout Kazakhstan, despite the massive repression from the state. Below is a Press Release from this morning outlining what ...

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Video: Why the EU ignores human rights in Central Asia

Over the next few days, I will be visiting Kazakhstan as part of a GUE / NGL delegation and meeting up with trade union, community and socialist activists. Kazakhstan is a prime example of countries where the European Union regularly ignores human rights abuses and even its own supposed commitment to human rights when there are profits to be made. ...

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Video: Who benefits from Trade Agreements?


Inevitably on the Committee on International Trade, one of the most predominant features is the discussions revolving around the numerous Trade Agreements of varying levels that the EU holds with countries around the world. And on every occasion that a new Trade Agreement is proposed or an existing Agreement is to be extended, the same mantra is given that the ...

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Video: Trade with Palestine and the Israeli blockade

The issue of trade with Palestine, which I spoke on previously, came up once again on the Committee on International Trade. As I said before, the agreement should be cautiously welcomed as it provides some assistance to the people of Palestine but that assistance is extremely limited by the fact that the Israeli blockade massively restricts the ability of Palestinian ...

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EU’s acquiescence on food price speculations is disgusting


International aid agencies are now warning that the famine in the Horn of Africa is possible the worst famine in over two decades. 1,000 people are fleeing Somalia every day as a result of the worsening food crisis. While drought and crop failures are undoubtedly a key factor in the present crisis, the situation is exacerbated by greedy speculation on ...

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The downgrading of Irish debt to junk status just confirms our inevitable default


The almost-euphoria tones that the Minister for Finance, Michael Noonan, spoke in yesterday morning now looks more than a little premature. Four months since resurrecting the failed policies of Fianna Fail and the Greens, this Government has got its scorecard from Moody’s rating agency. Despite continuing to implement the savage austerity demanded by the markets, this has still failed to ...

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Special Needs & Education protest – Wednesday 13 July


On Wednesday 13 July, parents, teachers, special needs assistants, and pupils, will gather outside the Dail in a Day of Protest to demand a reversal of the devastating cutbacks that the government is standing over in primary education, particularly in relation to services for children with additional needs. The protest action is coinciding with a discussion in the Dail around ...

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