ESRI Forecasts: If Recovery is Real, Lift Austerity Now

ESRI: Forecasting growth, but still calling for water tax

The ESRI today have forecasted growth of 3.5% this year. Firstly, I think it is necessary to note that all these forecasts come with a significant health warning. We have had predictions of growth for a number of years that haven’t materialised. This may well be no different. The fact of the matter is that for months we have heard ...

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Department of Finance ‘cooking the books’ on corporation tax

Apple Sales International paid just 0.05% tax in Ireland in XXX

It is no surprise that the Department of Finance has concluded in a recently published ‘technical paper’ that the average rate of corporation tax that companies have paid in Ireland since 2003 is close to 11%. The message for the home audience has been and remains that corporations pay close to the 12.5% headline rate. This paper is aimed at ...

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Gateway Scheme: 28 people have benefits stopped or docked


Figures reported in the media yesterday showed that just 92 people are currently on the Gateway scheme and that 28 people have seen their dole payments docked or reduced for refusing to go on the scheme I have said since the Gateway scheme was launched that it is state-sponsored slave labour, being used to by the government to attack the ...

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IBEC’s ‘Ireland that Works’ campaign is in the interests of big business and wealthy

Poster demanding payrises for workers rather than IBEC's plans which would further undermine people's pay and conditions.

IBEC’s ‘Ireland that Works’ lobbying campaign which they launched today is an ideologically driven document which spouts the same neo-liberal fantasies we have heard for decades . These policies were responsible for much of the crisis that we have suffered over the last 6 years – lax regulations, less tax on big business and the wealthy. They dream about an ...

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Irish economy contracts in 2013 – Government’s Spin Exposed


The figures released today by the Central Statistics Office which show that in Ireland the economy shrunk in 2013. This exposes hundreds of statements by this government about economic progress as being nothing more than spin and bluster. Since the Troika left we have been greeted to scenes of government backslapping, and tales of how we have turned the corner, ...

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Emer Costello – ‘The Troika told us to do it’

Speaking earlier in the European Parliament I slammed the approach of Emer Costello and the Social Democrats in the debate today on the Troika reports in the European Parliament. here is the text of my speech: “The real purpose of these reports was made clear by the speech by Emer Costello earlier. It’s an act of misdirection by the Troika ...

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