Climate change report shows old Green Party policies have failed

Green Party's reliance on the market has failed to protect the environment.

Today sees a new report being published by the journal ‘Geophysical Research Letters’ which shows the abject failure of the traditional policies of the Green Party in Ireland and much of the green movement across Europe. The policies which are put forward by representatives like Eamon Ryan, while some can be welcomed, do nothing to tackle the real polluters. Globally, ...

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EU-US Free Trade Agreement will not bring jobs & growth – Commission’s lies & power-grab exposed

Paul Murphy MEP protesting at the European Commission's office in Dublin

Today I protested at the European Commission’s office against the EU-US free trade agreement (TTIP). This protest was part of an international movement to expose the hidden small-print of this unpopular agreement, negotiated in secret by the European Commission. Thousands in trade unions, farmers, environmental and consumer organisations call for en end of the negotiations, as the outcome will impact ...

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Eamon Ryan’s brass neck!

Photo of Green TDs, including Eamon Ryan, following their entry into government with Fianna Fáil

It was breath-taking to watch the performance of Green Party Euro candidate Eamon Ryan on TV3’s Tonight with Vincent Browne as he blustered to unwind off the hook that he and Fianna Fail fashioned while in government when they signed the Troika Memorandum providing for the introduction of a water tax. He tried to cover up the Green Party’s role ...

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Brian Hayes singing from the same hymn sheet as EU Commission and big business on EU-US Free Trade Deal

Brian Hayes singing from same hymn sheet as big business on the EU-US Free Trade Agreement

Brian Hayes’ comments this morning supporting the proposed EU-US Free Trade deal show that like his Fine Gael colleagues in the European Parliament, he is singing off the same hymn sheet as the EU Commission and big business.What Brian Hayes does not mention is the massive negative effects which the deal will have, and which has seen opposition from trade ...

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Climate Action Bill: Lack of targets & EU lobbying shows environment is down list of government priorities

Members of the Stop Climate Change Chaos group campaigning for targets in the Climate Bill

Only yesterday, the IPCC reported on the environmental disaster that is quickly approaching, today we have Minister Phil Hogan approaching cabinet with the Climate Action Bill which, taken in the context of the report, is a laughable joke. It has now emerged that the government have been lobbying the European Commission to try pull an accounting trick on how emissions ...

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IPCC climate chage report: We need immediate state investment in renewables

Binding climate change targets are needed

In light of the latest UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report, the government must launch a major programme of state investment into renewable energies. Environmental catastrophe is impending, yet the government in Ireland and governments across the globe have their heads in the sand. The latest IPCC report clearly states that there needs to be a fundamental change ...

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Binding and stringent climate targets needed for EU and Ireland

Nearly 30% of those emissions were belched out by the top 20 companies

The latest report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is a damning indictment of the inaction and lip service paid by governments across the globe to what is now an impending environmental and humanitarian disaster. Over the last twenty years numerous reports have pointed towards the utter destruction which has been outlined in this report, but there has been ...

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Big Gas companies: never let a crisis go to waste

Fracking is hugely unpopular due to its harm to the environment

In the context of the escalating political standoff over Ukraine between the US and the EU on the one side and Russia on the other side, big business and conservative politicians seem to remember Winston Churchill´s saying “never let a good crisis go to waste”. As part of the debate on escalating sanctions against Russia and possible Russian retaliation as ...

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