ACTA: important victory for anti-ACTA campaigners


International Trade Committee in the European Parliament rejects ACTA The International Trade Committee in the European Parliament voted today on the controversial Anti Counterfeiting Trade Agreement and rejected it with a clear majority of 19 votes against and 12 in favour. Paul Murphy, Socialist Party MEP for Dublin who is a member of the International Trade Committee commented: “The vote ...

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Syriza: Preparing for Power?

Left Coalition Party leader, Alexis Tsip

Day two of my visit began with a press conference of international guests to support Syriza. Political representatives from the Left Bloc in Portugal, Izquierda Unida in Spain, a left group in Argentina, the ambassador from Venezuela to Greece and a member of Occupy Wall Street addressed the press together with myself and members of Syriza. The emphasis of all ...

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My Greek Diary: Day 1


In the Eye of the Storm The eyes of Europe’s left and many working class people suffering under austerity are now on Greece. This was brought home to me when I arrived yesterday in Greece and found myself amongst many international visitors who were also present to support Syriza in the final days of the election campaign. T’hose present included ...

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Travelling to Greece tomorrow to campaign for Syriza


Tomorrow I will be traveling to Greece to campaign with Syriza in the upcoming election there. I am lookoing forward to joining in with Syriza’s vital election campaign over the next few days. During my trip I will be blogging here daily, so make sure to check back. Those opposed to disastrous austerity policies across Europe will all be looking ...

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Video: Paul Murphy MEP Challenges Ollie Rehn on his Contempt for Democracy

paul brussel

Today, in the European Parliament Paul Murphy MEP for the Socialist Party / United Left Alliance questioned Commissioner Ollie Rehn on the so-called ‘two-pack’ of economic governance. This new ‘two-pack’ is a further step in the direction of undermining democracy across Europe. This is a conscious policy on behalf of the commission. The  ‘two-pack’ follows on from the ‘six-pack’ last ...

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AusterityTreaty.ie Launched


A press conference was held today launching the Socialist Party’s austeritytreaty.ie website and the pamphlet on “Austerity Treaty explained: how it undermines democracy & institutionalises austerity”. In contrast to the taxpayer funded government website, the austeritytreaty.ie website gives the true story about the impact of this Treaty on people’s lives. In a series of short videos, the key features of the ...

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Socialist Party Launch Referendum Campaign

press conference

On May Day the Socialist Party launched its campaign for a rejection of the Austerity Treaty. The core message of our campaign is that the European political, financial and business establishment want to enshrine in law across Europe the type of policy response, austerity, that has already failed across Europe. The structural deficit target spelt out in the treaty will ...

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Paul Murphy debates Austerity Treaty with Fine Gael MEP


Sean Kelly wheels out the scare tactics that have become the stock in trade of the government – that Ireland will be excluded from the ESM and that Ireland will be left isolated.He even goes so far as to call it a ‘Prosperity Treaty’! Paul Murphy challenges these arguments by highlighting the ‘blackmail clause’ that would cut any country who did ...

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ICTU fail to oppose Austerity Treaty

27/11/10. ICTU protest. People take to the streets

For the first time since Ireland joined the European Union, the Executive of ICTU has not called for a ‘Yes’ vote on a European Treaty. At their meeting yesterday, the executive decided not to take a stance on the treaty, despite the fact that three Irish unions, Mandate, Unite, and the TEEU have come out against the treaty, as had ...

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