Questioning Barroso on the Austerity Treaty

paul speech

I got the opportunity to question Jose Manuel Barroso in the European Parliament this week. I questioned him on the devastation austerity has caused to the lives of millions of people across Europe, austerity policies which he has promoted during the financial crisis, and on the Austerity Treaty that will institutionalise austerity and undermine democracy across Europe. Once again, my ...

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‘Yes for Jobs’?


Chambers Ireland's statement is similar to the position of the establishment parties during the first Lisbon campaign when the infamous 'Yes for Jobs' were plastered across the country. That lie has been exposed with nearly 80,000 jobs being lost since that referendum.

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Austerity Treaty Dail Speech


The Dail EU Affairs Committee is holding a 3 day sub-committee hearing on the upcoming referendum on the Austerity Treaty. The committee is chaired by Labour TD Dominic Hanigan, and has invited international speakers, MEPs, TDs, and business and civil society representatives. Unfortunately, the speakers are stacked in favour of the ‘Yes’ campaign. For instance, a session on the second ...

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My submission to E.U. Oireachtas Committee

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The level of anger against the failed austerity policies of the Irish Government and the Troika has been growing for the past number of years. This has been seen in the massive response to the Anti-Household Campaign, which has seen over 20,000 people attend meetings across the country, and a mass boycott across the country. Now the government have been ...

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Latest Updates from My Trip to Gaza

The Rafah Border Crossing to Gaza

As I explained yesterday, I’m currently visiting Gaza as part of a delegation of parliamentarians, to see the conditions first hand. As always when I go on these trips, I will be keeping a diary of the events and my reflections, and you can read the blog post on my first day here. However, I will also be posting shorter ...

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Euro crisis – democracy diminished to facilitate austerity


Below is an article I wrote recently for the politico.ie website. In light of the events of the last week, I think it worthwhile to re-post it here and welcome any comments readers may have. Thursday, 01 September 2011 14:02 The continued economic crisis gripping the eurozone has raised questions of the role of democracy in the European Union. In ...

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Wheels coming off the euro project fast

The smile has been wiped from Mr Barroso's face

· Wheels coming off euro project at fast pace · Talk of eurobonds won’t be sufficient to stave off crisis Once again, the pace of the eurozone crisis has quickened. All of the fire-fighting measures of the European establishment have proved insufficient and the basic contradiction within the eurozone has come to the fore. Instead of convergence, divergence between the ...

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Proposal to force debt-ridden EU countries to fly flags at half mast disgraceful


Press Statement: Paul Murphy MEP (Socialist Party) 13 September 2011 · Proposal by Commissioner Oettinger to force debt-ridden EU countries to fly flags at half mast disgraceful · Indicative of ‘stick and stick’ approach of Commission Recently, in an interview with German newspaper, Bild, German energy commissioner, Gunther Oettinger, raised the idea that countries with excessive debts should have their ...

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Report from Protest in Solidarity with Kazakh Oil Strikers


A protest took place in Dublin on the 12th of August in solidarity with striking oil workers in Kazakhstan who are engaged in a 3 month long strike against Kazmuniagas. The protest took place at the Esso garage in Ranelagh. Esso’s parent company ExxonMobil is involved in a joint venture with Kazmuniagas. The protest was joined by Member of the ...

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