We need crisis action, not We are not Portugal! t-shirts


Mr. Noonan’s policy of sticking his head in the ground and ignoring the inevitable march of events, makes him look rather silly today. I hope he has come to the realisation that, with the downgrading of Portuguese debt and its impact on Ireland, printing up T-shirts declaring “We are not Portugal!” will not save us. Ireland now sits just above ...

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Interview: The sabotage and blockade of the Freedom Flotilla


The video below is an interview that I did with EU Observer discussing the sabotage of the MV Saoirse and outlining why it’s very clear that it was sabotaged and not simply a case of damage. The interview also covers the joint letter sent by myself and two other MEPs calling on the leaders of the European institutions to openly ...

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Audio: Debate with Cllr. Richard Humphreys about Freedom Flotilla

Ship to Gaza pic

As I mentioned a number of days ago, a Labour Party councillor, Richard Humphreys, made a number of particularly disgusting comments about last year’s Freedom Flotilla attempting to blame the brutal murder of nine Turkish activists by the Israeli Defence Forces on the activists themselves, labelling them as “Turkish terrorists”. This is despite the fact that a UN report stated ...

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Arrival of friends and media clashes with supporters of blockade


After an epic voyage which involved sleeping overnight in Istanbul airport and a trip that involved three one-hour flights taking 24 hours, the five other Irish who are joining me on the Italian-Dutch boat have finally arrived! They are Trevor Hogan, Zoe Lawlor, Fintan Lane, Hussein Hamed and Cllr. Gerry MacLochlainn. Apparently, it’s public knowledge where we are, so I’m ...

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MEPs call on EU leaders to condemn sabotage of Flotilla boats by Israeli authorities


This morning, myself and two other Members of the European Parliament who are taking part in the Freedom Flotilla, Willy Meyer of the GUE/NGL group and Nicole Kiil-Nielsen from the Greens, wrote to the Presidents of the European Commission, the European Council, the European Parliament as well as to the High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy regarding the ...

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Life-threatening sabotage damages MV Saoirse


It has been a dramatic few days, which accounts for the slight pause in blogging. The strategy of the Israeli state has become crystal clear. They intend to delay and disrupt the flotilla with any means at their disposal. At the start of this week, this had already resulted in a delay to the flotilla as ships in Greece were ...

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Irish Ship to Gaza sabotaged


The revelation that terrorist-style sabotage of the MV Saoirse caused serious damage to the ship and threatened the loss of life is extremely serious. The evidence pointing towards the Israeli state being guilty is overwhelming. It cannot be a coincidence that two of the boats destined to sail to Gaza have now been sabotaged in the same way, with their ...

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From Aboard the Freedom Flotilla II to Gaza


On Monday [this has now been pushed back due to delays with some boats as a result of attempts by the Israeli state to prevent the Flotilla leaving - PM] , I will set sail from a port in the Mediterranean to Gaza on the MV Saoirse. Onboard will be 20 other passengers (pictured), including former Irish rugby player Trevor ...

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