Trade Unions and #occupygezi


This is the latest in a series of articles by Paul Murphy MEP following his solidarity visit to Taksim Square.   The trade union movement in Turkey is very different to that which we are accustomed to in Ireland. The density of the unions is low (around 9%), and faces systematic oppression from the state. The union movement is also ...

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Self-organisation in #occupygezi


 This is the first of a series of articles which Paul Murphy and Tanja Niemeier will be writing based on their experiences over their visit to the Turkey and partaking in the protests. Each article will focus on a different aspect of what is currently going on, and steps which can be taken. This article concentrates on the levels of self-organisation which ...

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Police Attack Taksim Square

Turkey Protest

This morning’s attack on Taksim Square demonstrates yet again the brutality of the Erdogan government. Incredibly the Governor of Istanbul has claimed that the purpose of the intervention is to remove the banners of various groups in the square which was ‘negatively affecting our country’s image in the eyes of the world opinion’. If he thinks that firing tear gas ...

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Eyewitness Report from Turkey


Socialist Party MEP Paul Murphy travelled to Istanbul in solidarity with the protesters occupying many parts of the city. This is the first in a number of articles on his visit.   “SELF CONFIDENCE IS like a virus” explained Eser Sandiki, a young secondary school teacher and socialist activist in occupied Taksim Square on Friday night. Her words ring true ...

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Live updates from Turkey

turkey-protests-3june2013 (1)

Follow me on twitter for latest updates from Turkey, which I am visiting this weekend to meet people involved in the uprising taking place. When I’m back I will be giving an eyewitness account of the uprising at a public meeting at 8pm, Thursday June 13th in the Wynn’s Hotel.   Tweets by @paulmurphymep

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Paul Murphy to visit heart of Turkish Protests


Socialist Party MEP, Paul Murphy, will be visiting Istanbul in a solidarity visit with the protest movement that has erupted from Gezi Park, from the evening of  Friday 7th June until the evening of Sunday 9th June. During the visit, Paul will be meeting with activists in Taksim Square, trade unionists and an MP from the BDP Party. Paul commented on the ...

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Letter of Solidarity with Turkish Protests


Paul Murphy will be travelling to Istanbul tomorrow to support the protests which are currently ongoing. A live blog will be updated on the site , check back here for updates over the next few days. Here is a letter of support signed by GUE/NGL MEPS in support of the protests and against police repression, to text of  the letter ...

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The truth about the 2% tax rate


  Its often that one hears two conflicting stories, even more so often in the world of establishment politics. This time though, it’s a bit more serious. Apple, the major multinational which can claim to have profits bigger than most countries, has claimed in a US Senate hearing that it received a special tax agreement with the Irish government in ...

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Irish Government &the Tax Haven


·       Ireland is a tax haven for Apple, Google and Facebook ·       No tax justice here – tears up property tax return in Parliament Paul Murphy spoke today in the European Parliament on tax havens, slamming the tax system which allowed huge multinationals such as Google, Apple, and Facebook, to take in record profits but pay little back in taxes. ...

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Who gains from austerity?


The release of the latest estimates from the Department of Finance in the Stability Programme Update illustrates in cold figures in whose interests austerity is being implemented. The figures prove that society and the economy are being destroyed so that the bondholders will be repaid. The estimates indicate that the government will have a primary surplus of almost €1 billion ...

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