EU must recognise result


  Paul Murphy, the Socialist Party MEP for Dublin, was among 24 MEPs who sent a letter urging the European Union to recognise the result of the Venezuelan Presidential elections. This letter comes as a response to the accusations of a rigged election, and calls from the Venezuela opposition for a recount.  Nicolas Maduro won the election against the opposition ...

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EU-US agreement doesn’t offer win win


·        Race to the bottom in environmental and health standards – GMO crops, hormone beef ·        Giving corporations privileged access to justice system ·        Negotiations to be carried out without real parliamentary or public scrutiny   Minister Bruton and Commissioner De Gucht are trying to paint a rosy view of what a free trade agreement between the US and EU would mean. It ...

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EPA Breaks EU Environmental Directives


The Environmental Protection Agency and Limerick County Council have broken a number of EU Directives in granting a renewed licence to the controversial Aughinish Alumina Plant in Limerick. In a letter to the Cappagh Farmers Action Group who have campaigned against the environmental, agricultural and health effects of the plant, EU Commissioner Jean Francois Brakeland has confirmed that the plant ...

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Blackmail to demand more austerity


  The announcement by Olli Rehn that the unelected European Commission has opened ‘excessive imbalance procedures’ against Slovenia and Spain is significant. It represents a step up in their blackmail campaign in demanding more austerity measures. It also demonstrates the impact of the extra powers that have been given to the Commission. The fact that they also mention a further ...

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Authoritarian Neoliberalism in the EU


Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to address the Dail Joint Committee on European Affairs. The topic of the discussion was on the future shape of the European Union and Ireland’s relationship with it. In the three videos below you will see firstly my presentation to the committee, along with a slides,  where I outline that what is happening ...

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Cypriot workers must demand repudiation of the debt


  Attempted robbery of bank accounts in Cyprus spells end of Deposit Guarantee across Europe Rubicon now crossed – EU governments will feel free to take money from ordinary depositors Increasing elements of financial dictatorship in Europe   In light of comments by the spokesperson for Commissioner Olli Rehn that the proposed levy on depositors under €100,000 did not contravene ...

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Cypriot bank robbery


  Cypriot ‘bank robbery’ in progress – debt should be repudiated Financial dictatorship in operation I commend those mobilising in Cyprus against the proposed bank robbery of working people’s deposits, mass privatisations and cuts to vital public services. Massive pressure should be brought to bear on the Parliament so that it does not vote for this rotten so-called bailout, which ...

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Horse meat scandal shows failure of food industry


·       Systematic failure of food industry clear ·       European institutions need to face up to responsibility ·       Discussion on the future of food industry needed   Socialist Party MEP Paul Murphy responded to comments by Commissioner Tonio Borg in the European Parliament today   While Commissioner Tonio Borg is right not to wish to cause alarm, this is not just a question of ...

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Protests Against Shimon Peres at European Parliament

israeli protest 1

Shimon Peres, the Israeli President, was today met by protests as he visited Strasbourg to address the European Parliament. Shimon Peres’ address to the European Parliament was filled with the usual propaganda of the Israeli establishment. He spoke of Israel as being an ‘island in a stormy ocean’ – a crude attempt to enforce a siege mentality amongst the Israeli people. He ...

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