Pro-Choice movement must link up across Europe


  Mobilise for pro-choice march to EU Health Ministers meeting – 6 pm Monday 4 March at Central Bank Resurgent pro-choice movement in Ireland should link arms with those fighting for right to choose across Europe   “The march called by ‘Action on X’ activists to coincide with the 21st anniversary of the X-case and the visit by EU Health Ministers can play ...

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A brief history of the European project


As the “great and good” meet in Castleknock Hotel to hear Joan Burton and other right-wing speakers discuss   ‘Ireland 40 years on: the benefits, opportunities and challenges of EU membership.’ We reproduce a “A brief history of the European project – never social, never democratic” originally written by Paul Murphy MEP as part of a pamphlet on the Austerity Treaty. ...

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NATO spin doctor invited to EU seminar

eu nato 6 21 10 pic

The following is a press statement released by Paul Murphy, on the involvement and co-operation of NATO and the European Union, and Ireland’s false face f neutrality. Press Statement: Paul Murphy MEP (Socialist Party) 29 January 2013 ·        Minister Shatter should revoke invitation to NATO spin doctor to defence seminar on Friday ·        EU presidency continues to make a mockery of ...

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No to War In Mali: Imperialist war offers no hope for the working masses

Press Statement: Paul Murphy MEP (Socialist Party / United Left Alliance) 23 January 2013 · Eamon Gilmore backs up rhetoric of French imperialism to justify military intervention in Mali · Irish Presidency programme commits Irish government to further militarisation of Europe Responding to Tanaiste Eamon Gilmore’s comments yesterday in the European Parliament Committee on Foreign Affairs, Paul Murphy Socialist Party ...

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European Union gives €2 billion to private security firms, with no control over how it is used.

paul brussel

Socialist Party MEP Paul Murphy spoke today in the European Parliament, questioning Maire Geoghegan-Quinn about the proposed funding to “Security Research” in Horizon 2020 (amounting to a total of €2 billion), the new EU Framework Research Programme, and detailed how the current funding has been given to two Israeli arms companies complicit in the oppression of the Palestinians. In the ...

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Treatment of Basque Political Prisoners shows Hypocrisy of European Establishment on Human Rights

Iosu Uribetxeberria

With the passing of the report on the situation of fundamental rights in the EU by the European Parliament, it committed itself in words to human rights. However, the flagrant disregard of those rights for Basque political prisoners shows the hypocrisy of the European establishment. According to Herrira, a campaigning group for Basque prisoners, there are currently 13 prisoners kept in prison ...

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The FTA with Colombia and Peru: European Parliament puts Big Business before Workers’ Rights


Once again, despite its repeated fine words, the European Parliament this afternoon placed the interests of big business before workers’ and human rights. It voted overwhelmingly (486 to 147, with 41 abstaining) to consent to the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with Colombia and Peru. MEPs have been inundated with emails and reports from NGOs, human rights organisations and activists seeking ...

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Awarding of Nobel Peace Prize to the EU is a Sick Joke


The award of the Nobel Peace Prize to the EU is a sick joke for working people within Europe and across the world. The Nobel Peace Prize Committee either has a devious sense of humour or a fundamental misunderstanding of the word peace. Three years after granting the prize to drone warrior Obama, they gave it to the EU. Not ...

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Letter to Egyptian President against torture of Socialist Activist


The letter below was sent to Egyptian President Morsi to protest against the captivity and torture of Ramy Sabrat, a socialist activist and fighter for workers’ right.   Dear President Morsi, I want to strongly protest against the abduction and torture of Mr Ramy Sabrat, a socialist activist and fighter for workers’ rights. Mr Sabrat was absurdly accused of carrying ...

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Colombian Trade Agreement – Puts EU Big Business before Workers’ rights


Today, the International Trade Committee of the European Parliament voted in favour of a free trade agreement between the European Union and Colombia despite continuing concerns of trade unions and human rights organisations.  Colombia remains the most dangerous place for trade unionists in the world. By mid August this year, 17 trade unionists were murdered and the Colombian trade union ...

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