My Greek Diary: Day 1


In the Eye of the Storm The eyes of Europe’s left and many working class people suffering under austerity are now on Greece. This was brought home to me when I arrived yesterday in Greece and found myself amongst many international visitors who were also present to support Syriza in the final days of the election campaign. T’hose present included ...

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Travelling to Greece tomorrow to campaign for Syriza


Tomorrow I will be traveling to Greece to campaign with Syriza in the upcoming election there. I am lookoing forward to joining in with Syriza’s vital election campaign over the next few days. During my trip I will be blogging here daily, so make sure to check back. Those opposed to disastrous austerity policies across Europe will all be looking ...

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Ireland : Vote No for us on May 31st


Report of the rally 23/5/12 A demonstration backed by one of the largest Belgian trade unions expressing solidarity with Irish workers and supporting a ‘No’ vote in the referendum on the Austerity Treaty on May 31 took place yesterday in Brussels Similar demonstrations are taking place across Europe. Last week we saw demonstrations in The Hague and in Madrid. The ...

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Austerity Treaty Dail Speech


The Dail EU Affairs Committee is holding a 3 day sub-committee hearing on the upcoming referendum on the Austerity Treaty. The committee is chaired by Labour TD Dominic Hanigan, and has invited international speakers, MEPs, TDs, and business and civil society representatives. Unfortunately, the speakers are stacked in favour of the ‘Yes’ campaign. For instance, a session on the second ...

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ACTA: U.S SOPA and PIRA Defeated

stop sopa

Following on from the important victory against ACTA last week, I am publishing below an article from the Socialist Party’s sister organisation in the US, Socialist Alternative, on the defeat of SOPA and PIRA.   What Was Behind the Internet Censorship Controversy? George Martin Fell Brown, Socialist Alternative (CWI supporters in the US) On October 26, 2011, the House of ...

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Important Victory Against ACTA, Protests Must Continue!


Paul Murphy MEP speaks about an important victory on the International Trade Committee against ACTA. ACTA is an attack on the freedom of expression and freedom of the interent. This is an important victory against the interests of the major enterainment corporations. This decision is the result of the protests all across Europe which put all the major establishment parties ...

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Blog: Greece Day 3 – The Workers’ Newspaper

Copy of newspaper brought out by occupying workers despite court case

The Workers’ Newspaper   On Friday, the official GUE/NGL delegation was over and I spent the day with members of Xekinima (the Socialist Party’s sister party in Greece) visiting and discussing with different groups of workers in struggle.   To start the morning , we visited the Ministry of Labour which is occupied by workers from the social housing organisation ...

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Live Stream: Defend the Right of Independent Living : How the EU´s austerity policy is undermining the lives of people with disabilities


As cuts to essential services intensify across Europe, the European Network for Independent Living (ENIL) and the GUE/NGL group today welcome leading independent living and anti-poverty activists to the European Parliament to present evidence of the impact of EU austerity policies on disabled people and discuss actions to be taken at the European level. “Today’s austerity policies mean that the ...

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