Climate Action Bill: Lack of targets & EU lobbying shows environment is down list of government priorities

Members of the Stop Climate Change Chaos group campaigning for targets in the Climate Bill

Only yesterday, the IPCC reported on the environmental disaster that is quickly approaching, today we have Minister Phil Hogan approaching cabinet with the Climate Action Bill which, taken in the context of the report, is a laughable joke. It has now emerged that the government have been lobbying the European Commission to try pull an accounting trick on how emissions ...

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ESRI Forecasts: If Recovery is Real, Lift Austerity Now

ESRI: Forecasting growth, but still calling for water tax

The ESRI today have forecasted growth of 3.5% this year. Firstly, I think it is necessary to note that all these forecasts come with a significant health warning. We have had predictions of growth for a number of years that haven’t materialised. This may well be no different. The fact of the matter is that for months we have heard ...

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Revenue must make public statement about suspending phone recording system in recent days

Revenue must make statement on reasons for suspending recording of calls

Information has been made available to my office this morning that, in recent days, the senior management at the Revenue Commissioners have suspended the use of the phone recording system, organised by the private company Red Box because of data protection concerns. The recordings are of conversations between members of the public and Revenue staff. The system has been up ...

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Department of Finance ‘cooking the books’ on corporation tax

Apple Sales International paid just 0.05% tax in Ireland in XXX

It is no surprise that the Department of Finance has concluded in a recently published ‘technical paper’ that the average rate of corporation tax that companies have paid in Ireland since 2003 is close to 11%. The message for the home audience has been and remains that corporations pay close to the 12.5% headline rate. This paper is aimed at ...

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ScamBridge to Launch a targeted campaign to force O2 off JobBridge

02 taking us for April Fools!

This week announced a targeted campaign of protest against mobile phone company O2. Scambridge will hit their stores with a targeted campaign of protests, pickets and other forms of action. Last year the company recorded profits of €54 million, yet since JobBridge began, O2 have been a serial exploiter of interns, advertising for 10s of positions. The company could ...

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Housing Crisis: We Need Rent Controls!

A meeting hosted by Paul Murphy MEP on the housing crisis last Saturday

There is a housing crisis in Dublin that has seen a growth in homelessness and has put thousands of people into precarious situations. The latest report from the Peter McVerry Trust shows that in Dublin everyday 6 people are presenting themselves as homeless, and estimates that there are around 5,000 people currently homeless across the country. There is no doubt ...

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