Labour & SIPTU leadership have betrayed Connolly’s Legacy

"... a plentiful supply of cheal and helpless labour..." a quote from Connolly well describes today's JobBridge scheme

Yesterday at a commemoration of James Connolly’s death, both Eamon Gilmore and Jack O’Connor claimed to stand in the tradition of Connolly. The truth is that what they represent is a million miles from Connolly. Jack O’Connor once said that the Labour Party was ‘battling at the gates of hell’, unfortunately he never said which side they were fighting on. ...

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Minister for Children must guarantee emergency funding for vital childcare project in Darndale/Belcamp


Press Statement: Responding to the news that the Darndale Belcamp Integrated Childcare Centre was closing due to a lack of funding resulting in the loss of early learning places for 250 children and the loss of 55 paid staff and 43 scheme positions Socialist MEP for Dublin Paul Murphy said: “This is a catastrophic blow to the children, their parents, ...

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Labour MEP Costello ‘Champion of the Youth Guarantee’ must now answer: Does she support cutting young people’s dole?

Labour MEP, Emer Costello with Minister Joan Burton and Eamon Gilmore

Yesterday Minister Joan Burton responded to a letter from Unite the Union which raised concerns about the Youth Guarantee making JobBridge compulsory. In the letter the Minister confirmed that under the guarantee JobBridge has become compulsory with the threat of dole cuts to those who refuse. Labour MEP Emer Costello must now answer whether she supports cuts to young people’s ...

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Brian Hayes living in denial about causes of emigration as he presents himself as a ‘champion for young people’

Emigration is caused by unemployment and precarious work not taxation

Brian Hayes’ comments about high taxes being a major contributor to emigration display an ignorance of the conditions and situations which young people in this country have found themselves in over the last five years. For him to come out and try and present himself as a champion for young people when his government have driven a policy of forced ...

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Jimmy Kelly, Regional Secretary of Unite, endorses Paul Murphy

Jimmy Kelly

“Paul Murphy has been a consistent champion of workers’ rights, both in Ireland and in Europe. Nationally, he has highlighted the exploitative nature of the JobBridge workfare scheme through the campaign and campaigned for Irish implementation of the EU Directive on Part-Time Working to give part-time workers the right to more hours when they become available. As a voice ...

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Patricia McKenna backs complaint being lodged about RTE coverage of Red C opinion poll

Former MEP Patricia McKenna

RTE’s coverage of the Red C opinion poll represents a breach of the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland code with regard to election coverage. It arbitrarily cut the reference to contenders to the seat at 10%, excluding Paul Murphy (Stop the Water Tax – Socialist Party) and Brid Smith (People Before Profit Alliance), who between them poll 16%, enough to seriously ...

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