Ireland Launches Campaign to make forced labour scheme Gateway a major issue in the local elections

blanch scambridge picket, the anti-JobBridge and forced labour campaign, today launched its campaign to make Gateway an issue in the local elections. The Gateway scheme, and the changes to JobBridge, introduce into Ireland forced labour. Unemployed people will be expected to work for €1 an hour for 22 months for local authorities. Today, we are launching our campaign to make Gateway, and ...

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Commission and working people in tug of war over our water services

Right2Water petition was signed by 1.9 million people across Europe

The European Commission today has published its official response to the first successful European Citizens’ Initiative that called on the implementation of “the human right to water and sanitation in European law.” The European Commission’s response to the almost 1.9 million who signed this petition is inadequate. While it makes general points about the right to water and sanitation and ...

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Irish economy contracts in 2013 – Government’s Spin Exposed


The figures released today by the Central Statistics Office which show that in Ireland the economy shrunk in 2013. This exposes hundreds of statements by this government about economic progress as being nothing more than spin and bluster. Since the Troika left we have been greeted to scenes of government backslapping, and tales of how we have turned the corner, ...

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Emer Costello – ‘The Troika told us to do it’

Speaking earlier in the European Parliament I slammed the approach of Emer Costello and the Social Democrats in the debate today on the Troika reports in the European Parliament. here is the text of my speech: “The real purpose of these reports was made clear by the speech by Emer Costello earlier. It’s an act of misdirection by the Troika ...

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High Court Injunction is a vicious assault on Right to Strike


The decision of the High Court to grant an injunction to the Dublin Airport Authority and Ryanair against the planned industrial action by trade unionist over the St Patrick’s weekend is an assault on the right to strike. This decision by the High Court is a vicious attack on the right of workers to strike in defence of their pay ...

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‘Name’ change: Stop the Water Tax – Socialist Party

The Socialist Party has submitted an amendment to the name that will appear on the European elections ballot paper, so that it will read ‘Stop the Water Tax – Socialist Party’. Socialist Party local election candidates will be standing as part of the Anti Austerity Alliance, which is now officially registered.The cost of living when people face rising costs with ...

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European Parliament rejects report on gender equality in 2012 -insult to women suffering austerity

This report correctly highlighted the effect austerity policies adopted by the EU and national governments have had, especially in countries under Troika intervention. They have resulted in huge setbacks in terms of equality between men and women. The report draws attention to the problems that affect the lives of many women in the EU- increased unemployment, precarious employment, the increasing ...

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