Updates from the Parliament

European Citizen Initiative “One of Us” proposals would cost lives

Hearing on the 'One of Us' initiative in the European Parliament

Yesterday saw a hearing in the European Parliament of the so-called ‘One of US’ Citizens’ Initiative. This initiative is being backed by anti-choice groups around Europe. The initiative proposes that the EU stops the funding of stem cell research and to projects involved in providing Sexual and Reproductive Health rights such as sex education, health care and abortion information. With ...

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Big Gas companies: never let a crisis go to waste

Fracking is hugely unpopular due to its harm to the environment

In the context of the escalating political standoff over Ukraine between the US and the EU on the one side and Russia on the other side, big business and conservative politicians seem to remember Winston Churchill´s saying “never let a good crisis go to waste”. As part of the debate on escalating sanctions against Russia and possible Russian retaliation as ...

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Neither Brussels nor Moscow: Working people need own political voice

Russia, EU and oligarchs wrestle for control over Ukraine. Working people need an independent voice

Today the European Council will discuss the situation in Ukraine with self-proclaimed Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk and on Friday will sign the political provisions of the Association Agreement. With 22 in favour, 2 against and 1 abstention, today the European Parliament’s Committee on International Trade has voted to approve temporary autonomous trade preferences between the EU and Ukraine. The EU ...

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Commission and working people in tug of war over our water services

Right2Water petition was signed by 1.9 million people across Europe

The European Commission today has published its official response to the first successful European Citizens’ Initiative that called on the implementation of “the human right to water and sanitation in European law.” The European Commission’s response to the almost 1.9 million who signed this petition is inadequate. While it makes general points about the right to water and sanitation and ...

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Emer Costello – ‘The Troika told us to do it’

Speaking earlier in the European Parliament I slammed the approach of Emer Costello and the Social Democrats in the debate today on the Troika reports in the European Parliament. here is the text of my speech: “The real purpose of these reports was made clear by the speech by Emer Costello earlier. It’s an act of misdirection by the Troika ...

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End all mass surveillance programmes and suspend the EU-US FTA talks

This week the Parliament will debate and vote on a report entitled ‘US NSA surveillance programme, surveillance bodies and various Member States and impact on EU citizens’ fundamental rights’. Edward Snowden has sent a written reply to questions asked by MEPs. For security reasons, Edward Snowden had not been able to engage in an interactive hearing with Members of the ...

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European Parliament rejects report on gender equality in 2012 -insult to women suffering austerity

This report correctly highlighted the effect austerity policies adopted by the EU and national governments have had, especially in countries under Troika intervention. They have resulted in huge setbacks in terms of equality between men and women. The report draws attention to the problems that affect the lives of many women in the EU- increased unemployment, precarious employment, the increasing ...

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