Authoritarian Neoliberalism in the EU


Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to address the Dail Joint Committee on European Affairs. The topic of the discussion was on the future shape of the European Union and Ireland’s relationship with it. In the three videos below you will see firstly my presentation to the committee, along with a slides,  where I outline that what is happening ...

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Eurpean Union needs to take measures against the mistreatment of workers and passengers in European airlines.


Paul Murphy MEP spoke today in the European Parliament, questioning the European Commission and calling on them to take action on the restrictive one-bag rule imposed by certain airlines, such as Ryan Air and Easyjet. These companies are also notorious for their anti-worker and anti trade union policies, and hidden charges, making travel a night mare for ordinary people. The ...

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Youth Guarantee Will be Another Empty Promise

paul brussel

Socialist Party MEP Paul Murphy today spoke in the European Parliament on the proposed Youth Guarantee scheme, and responded to comments made by Commissioner Laszlo which absolved the EU institutions of any blame for the youth unemployment crisis: The Youth Guarantee is a proposal in the European Union to introduce a scheme whereby any young person who has not gone into third ...

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Condemning FTA Agreement with Colombia/Peru

A woman holds a sign protesting the U.S.-Colombian Free Trade Agreement and human rights abuse in Washington

Today the European Parliament voted to pass the Free Trade Agreement with Colombia and Peru by a majority of 486 votes in favour, 147 against and 41 abstentions. My Speech opposing the agreement can be viewed here The vote in favour of this report once more highlights the fact that big business interests are placed before workers’ rights and human ...

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Colombian Trade Agreement – Puts EU Big Business before Workers’ rights


Today, the International Trade Committee of the European Parliament voted in favour of a free trade agreement between the European Union and Colombia despite continuing concerns of trade unions and human rights organisations.  Colombia remains the most dangerous place for trade unionists in the world. By mid August this year, 17 trade unionists were murdered and the Colombian trade union ...

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Video: Pussy Riot Jailings and Attacks on Women Workers

Two more speeches from the plenary this week on the jailing of Pussy Riot and the repression and protests in Russia. The second speech is on the disproportionate effects of E.U led austerity on women workers.   “Mr President, the jailing of the three young women of Pussy Riot for two years in a prison colony is an absolute scandal. ...

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